Thursday, September 4, 2014

15 Unanswered Questions About Frozen

Today I needed a random subject so I will be doing a post about 15 Questions Disney Forgot to Answer About Frozen.

Let's get started!

  • What happened to Kristoff 's parents? They never made that clear to me. Also what group of dudes would let a little kid tumble around such a busy work environment?

  • WERE DID ELSA'S POWERS COME FROM? This is a question that I have been thinking about for a while, Elsa had it since birth, right? So it had to come through bloodline. Was there a Aunt with ice powers? Who knows?

  • Why where Elsa's parents keeping her from human contact? And if as a child she would have had her powers out in the open why didn't the WHOLE kingdom not already know about Elsa's powers. 

  • After Elsa's parents died why did and who kept the gates closed? And who took care of the castle in between the time of the King and Queen's death and Elsa's Coronation. Because if Elsa was locked in her room and Anna bouncing around the halls who is running Arendale? The kingdom seemed pretty tiptop shape for no King or Queen running Arendale!

  • What did Elsa do for such a long base of time stuck in her room? I mean did she practice those musical numbers?

  • Also where did Kristoff live? In that barn? Where ever? Whats the answer? 

  • AND why doesn't Kristoff recognize Anna? I mean she was the Princess! He remembers when Grand Pabbie helped Anna and Elsa way back when! 

  • Where did Elsa's clothing go? I mean she was wearing like a turtle neck and all of a sudden BAM new dress. Is this what she has been practicing in her room? 


  • Oh yeah and she also can know make LIFE?????!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Also Kristoff is the only one with a four letter name! Elsa, Anna, Hans, Olaf, Sven, Duke, weird huh?

  • Why does Elsa just tell Anna what happened? I mean really! Cats out of the bag, lets get real!

  • Hans tells everyone that Anna is dead AND ONE ONE CHECKS ON THE BODY?"

  • Did Olaf EVER get his warm hug?! 

Thank you for reading! I will do a more regular post tomorrow but why not be random today?

Until tomorrow?

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  1. Got to tell you kiddo, I have NO idea who you are talking about. gggg This old lady just isn't hip enough to know. hahaha do pose some good questions. It's always good to ask questions. "Why" was the first word I learned, I think, because I was always asking "why" and still do. Hope your day is as awesome as you are. hugs, Patty