Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sky Painting

Hey guys, today I am going to show you this cute painting that I did of the day on one side and night on the other. I also decided to make it to a tutorial. So let's do this thing! 

The first thing that I did is get white, yellow, sky blue and a dark blue and just out of the shot there is black and orange. You can use anything you want but I used a large piece of light brown card stock that is found in a paper drawer.  Also I am using a thick brush a very thin one and my fingers. 

Then using a narrow brush or the side of the thick brush. I made a wavy uneven line down the middle with white consider using a little blue if you are using a white paper or canvas. 

I then painted the whole side of the card stock with dark blue them put some black brush strokes at random. 

  Then make a circle and paint in the moon with white, it then lightly used a very light baby blue to add                                                                                  texture to the moon. And make some stars.

This is where my fingers come in you can use a blending tool but I just use my trusty fingers. I make three dots with a brush and light sky blue paint. 

Then I blend it in basicly your gentley rub the paint so that the moon gets a night sort glow. 

I forgot to take a picture of my painting process but do two coats of sky blue paint. (ignore the messy weird white blobs just paint a blue side and 

                           Make some little white ans fluffy clouds then add some dimension by putting some blue on the clouds and then shading them with a bit of yellow and orange. I also painted the sun a nice yellow and added some heat with orange paint. 

I didn't show you this but then put a light yellow on the seam between the skies this kind of separates them. This is a very simple painting but I love the way it looks the day sky is not really what I wanted but it works!

Until tomorrow!