Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wreck It Wednesday #5 / Update On My Life

Hey guys, it has been so terribly long since I've posted, teehee. Thanks for being patient, I really have no excuse... Even though it is not Wednesday, I will post the pictures I would post tomorrow because... unicorns.

Okay let's do this thing.

This this the, make a sudden destructive unpredictable movement with the journal.

So ripped out the page and decided to wreck it instead. I burned some of the corners and teared up the bottom for my cat to play with... because... cats.

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This is make a mess clean it up so I drew a dotted line down the center, one side I went crazy and the other I made these 'perfect' little dots I have no idea what I was thinking coloring it with paint. But I think it's kinda cool.

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This is the page of good thoughts page, i wasn't sure what to do so I just wrote down some things that make me happy. I might add color to this and if I do I'll post another picture.

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This picture is kinda blurry but you can still see what is happening, this is the color outside the lines page, basically there is just a circle on the page, even though all of the people that have done this page did moons I really wanted to do a moon so I painted a crazy weird galaxy and a moon, I really like the way that it turned out.

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Since I haven't been on this in so long, I decided to do a bonus kinda deal.

This the, tie a string to the journal, go for a walk, drag it.

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I have so pictures of me dragging it, I took it around in the fields behind my house because my Mom already told me that walking around with a book on a string, made me look a little like a mental patient that was walking it's book instead of it's dog. I didn't think I needed to go around a park like that so i stuck to behind my house.

I taped it up to prevent to pages inside from getting all messed up.

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 Then i took it outside...

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It's already all scuffed up.
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Exactly in a week, I be going back to Paradise Ranch,

 I'm gonna be honest, this was me all winter: 

I need to get here:

Where I'm really at:

Thank you so much for reading! Until later!