Monday, January 26, 2015

Kawaii Cloud Plushie

Hey guys! Today is the 101th post on Your Dose of Awesomeness, thank you guys so much for making that possible and giving me the sweetest feed back!

Today we will be making another ADORABLE plushie, these cloud plushies! Skip to the bottom so see their adorableness!

You will need: 
Black or Grey, Yellow and White thread (light pink if you want to give them blush)
White Felt (for happy cloud)
Dark grey and Yellew (for angry storm cloud)
And the template link below.
You will also need findings if you want to make it into a keychain

To learn how to make these Kawaii Cloud Plushes by clicking this link to Tammy Hallam's video on making these adorable clouds! 

I hope that you guys will have a awesome Monday, Until Later!