Thursday, November 13, 2014


Sorry guys I was not able to post yesterday, me, my mom, my two big sisters, Ashlea and Amber, my nephew, Gabe and Amber's future mother in law and brother in law. Went to look at a venue for Amber's wedding next spring. I ended up not getting home till 4:00 PM and sleepy me doesn't keep the promises that awake me makes so I'm making up for the missing post today. I whipped up a quick DIY this morning and took some pictures. Sorry for the lighting I did do these on the floor in my room so it's pretty dark. My curtains where closed because, cold can go through windows very easy. is it just me of have you felt like a Strawberry Popsicle in a sweater? Hahaha  let's get on with the post!

First print out a TARDIS/Police Phone Box like this one. (Print it out on watercolor or card stock paper, you'll thank me later!)

Then use a cutting board to make it smaller.

Grab some water colors, I've used most of these but it will work.

Go crazy with the color. Don't worry if you color out of the lines!! Let this dry.

Grab some white paint,

and make small stars and sparse brush strokes with almost paint less brushes. 

Add black paint in the darkest areas then let completely dry. And proceed to cut out. Look below to see your lovely galaxy TARDIS bookmark!

Thank you for you patience!
Until later!