Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wreck It Wenesday.l

Today I have a few things to tell you about! I have finished 2 other pages on the Wreck This Journal! I am also going to try for the Wreck It Wednesday tag. Every Wednesday I will do a post around this the Journal so here you go!

I don't really have very high places to drop  journals off of so I just climbed a tree and and kind of tossed it to the ground.

I also did this one that was fun!

There is a page that you have to figure out how to freeze. So I cut it out, water colored it and put it in the deep freeze for about thirty minutes then set it in the sun to dry. I am going to sew it back into the book.
 I will show next Wednesday along with a few others.

I have been having troubles with my pictures wanting to load so please let me know if this has happened.

Thank you all bunches for reading today, I hope to see you tomorrow! Until then LOOK at Rigbie!
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