Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Don't Expect To Be Stradivarius

If anyone has ever met me or known me for a while you might know that I play violin, I don't have a violin I can really call mine, I mean I've named it (Victorian) and I am attached to it but it was bought by my aunt. I don't really feel like it's mine even if she would let me keep it for LIFE.
 Me being me I was doing some research for the best violins  and what to keep you eye our for blah blah blah,(even though I am no where near being funded to buy such a thing, its the lowest on my necessity list really).

Well anyone that types the words best and violin/viola/cello. I'm decently sure that it would pop up Stradivarius.

Antonio Stradivari is one of the best makers of viola, violin, and cellos in the 1700s. He was so good that his name in Latin form Stradivarius seriously has come to meaning excellence. (Evidently adding a us to the end of your name makes you excellent...)

My first thought was, "Welp THAT is out of my price range!" my second thought was, "I probably wouldn't be allowed to touch one with a ten foot pole" my other thought was "I wouldn't trust myself to touch it with a twenty foot pole I mean, these things are old and and a pole could break it and with the damage I'd do only Antonio could fix it."

And that had me thinking only Stradivari could make instruments like Strad, and I can do what ever special talent like I can do what ever special talent I can do, we all have talents to no other can do like us, we can't do things exactly like other people and God meant it that way.
 don't know how many times that I've heard people say they can't do anything "talented" and that they aren't smart. But it's just because they aren't good at the talents that people classify as talented. Maybe you can't dance or play an instrument or draw, but you could be good at caring for people or you could be a very smart thinker or a great writer. Everyone is smart in some way, even if you aren't book smart or street smart there is something you and only you can do like you. And we shouldn't expect ourselves to be Stradivarius, we can try our best. And even if you are discouraged because Tommy can do it better than you, remember, do what makes you happy, and what makes God happy!

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