Friday, January 16, 2015

Pea Pod Plushie Tutorial

Hey guys, it's Friday, and we are going to make a Pea pod Plushie! It is so incredibly adorable and I loved making it. I had hardly any trouble at all we need very few things to make this Plushie.

You will need:

 Light and dark green felt


Black, green, and pink thread



White pencil

And the Pea Pod Template

Link To Pea Pod Template

 This is the finished product, I hope that you think that they are as incredibly adorable as I do! If you would like to learn to make one of these pea pods just watch the video linked below. The video is done by a girl on YouTube named Tammy Hallam.  Enjoy!

Pea Pod Tutorial

I hope that you guys will make this, the pea pod it is so cute and I love it so much!

 I hope that you guys will have a awesome week! Until Later!