Monday, December 15, 2014

Kindle Basic 7th Gen. Unboxing

Hey guys, it's Monday, I got my 7th Generation Basic Kindle over the mail on Saturday I was super excited to do a unboxing/first impressions for you guys but I told myself that it could wait till Monday. I took a bunch of pictures and I hope that it will help those that are looking to buy this product or just curious about it.

This is what it looks like when I take it straight out of the box.

I took off the plastic and sleeve off the box,

Then I opened it, it has the kindle logo of the guy under the tree printed in gloss on the top of the box. and the product.

When you take everything out of the box you get a charger, a getting to know you Kindle guide and the Kindle.

I removed the plastic and the first thing I noticed was that it did not have a soft rubber coating on the back like my 4th generation. I am a little disappointed that it is just a thick grooved plastic it kind of feels like it could slip right out of you hands. I feel like I'll want to invest in one of those silicone skins to give it a better grip.

I turned it on and it loaded.

It gives you a wide range of languages to choose from and then you continue to set up you account all you need is a form of payment, like a credit card, and an Amazon account.

When you finished setting up your device it walks you through how to use you new Kindle.

This is how it looks when all you have finished the walkthrough.

I uploaded all my old books from my cloud and I was set.

When you tap the top of the screen while reading a book, it will pull up a options page.

Also as you notice there is a house icon that takes you to the home page a back button. A shopping card that takes you to the ebook store. A search icon where can search for a book, and a g that takes you to the good reads app it's a social network that connects you to other book readers so you can recommend book and read reviews on novels you want to buy. I am not really interested with it but you might enjoy it. ( Those buttons are also on the homepage.

 The first button that has Aa on it pulls up a page that have personalized options when it come to font, font size, line spacing, and margins.

 I didn't take any picture of the Got To button but you can tap it and it gives you a list of the beginning the cover and the chapters so you can just tap on one and get there in seconds.

This is the X Ray option it gives you a list of the names of the characters and places in the book with a description of them. This only works for  some books.

They also have the classic bookmark.

 This is the comparison of the 4th generation and the 7th generation basic Kindles.

The 7th gen seems wider because of it's blockyness but other whys its about the same in looks

I hope that this was helpful, have a great week, Until later!