Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Before and After Study

In the United States Photoshop has been proved guilty of creating the unobtainable standards of female beauty seen in advertisements and the covers of most all magazines.

 A journalist named Esther Honig started a project that she named, Before and After, this examines how the world wide standards of beauty from the differing cultures vary. Through the internet, Esther, was able to contact around 40 people in 25 different places. And proposed that these people Photoshop a picture of Esther into what they perceived as beautiful and send it back to her. She got more than enough results. Some people where professionals and other amateurs. These are the pictures that I found on this study.

As you can see Esther's face is already gorgeous, but she gave the Photoshop artists a good blank slate to work with.

This first one is from Italy, as you can see they smoothed over Esther's hair and gave her slight make up and slightly trimmed her eyebrows other than that she is untouched.

Israel quite like Italy has slightly trimmed eyebrows, even less make up then Italy, and a more airbrushed face, making her look a good deal younger.

Argentina looks nothing like the pictures above, they went all out. Esther has very airbrushed pearly skin. Darker hair and larger amounts of eye make up and  lipstick.

Germany totally washed all color from her skin and have her a purplish red hair and a slight pink lip.

(Sorry for the misspelling in the picture, but for my sake, I wasn't the one that typed that up.) Philippine's went even farther out with the make up! All new black hair, dark eyes, contoured cheeks, red lipstick, and  jewelry.

A as you can see in this photo from Bangladesh, they brightened her skin, gave her blush and slight pink lips with the addition of bangs and a feather dress.

Greece gave her moderate make up not much done with the hair and brightened skin

United States has two  the first one has a wider forehead, rosy cheeks, redder lips, and down curly long brown hair and rounder eyebrows.

The second one has BLOND hair, smaller face, redder lips and thicker brows.

My point in showing you this is that everywhere people will change you and mold you into who they think you should be, but God knows better, he knows who he wants YOU to be. And he knows that wherever in this huge universe you will be that you will be beautiful inside and out it doesn't matter what all the people over the world think.
Because, all that matters, is that God will never change a thing about you, like the color of your hair or the shade of you skin or the shape of your face. Because we are all made in the same image of the perfect God. We could not be any more perfect in his eyes and all of us are equal to him as his children!

I hope all of you have a blessed week! Until tomorrow!