Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello there!

Hey guys, I have missed you over the weekend. I got to go to my sisters apartment and hang with her and my baby nephew, he is around 4 months old. It was great we sat around ate food and watched movies. It has been so cold this weekend that I am decked out in sweat pants and a hoodie. Weirdly enough it seems that all of my warmest clothing is purple so I look like one of those evil purple minions from Despicable Me 2  the movie. (picture below).

It has been nice being able so cuddle down and not be so HOT. My kitten doesn't know what to think about this cold stuff. She has been bouncing off the walls lately. 

Today's verse is;  John 3:16 and I'm sure that I most can quote this by heart.

"For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son so that who ever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."   It is such a well known verse but it is still very powerful to read. 

                                                            Until tomorrow!