Thursday, September 18, 2014

Victorian and Clementine

Hey guys today I am going back to the ranch today to groom and stuff like that.

 And for the information of dear rose tresures the hair from yesterdays Wreck it Wednesday was from my old American doll I picked it up and ran my hand over her head and a HUGE chunk of disturbing fake hair got pulled out so I cut it to good length and taped it on the back of the unicorn that I drew at art camp last year. I couldn't bring myself to cut any part of my hair seeing how much I wear it up and just.... ugh. No. No...

So since I talked about my violin lessons a few days ago I will introduce you to Clementine and Victorian my faithful violins!

One of them I have had since I was around eight or nine. That is dear little Clementine she is around 3/4 and a rather tiny one at that! I love the dark finish that they used for Clementine.

This is Victorian I did not have to buy Victorian, my Aunt Stephanie gave him to me. He is a full size and I also like his orange finish it has such character!

Until Tomorrow