Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cat Notebook

I made this adorable cat notebook and I love it dearly! I hope you all have as much fun making it as I did!

You will need:

Black, gold metallic, and white acrylic paints
A composition notebook
A large paintbrush 
A tiny paintbrush 
A pencil with a eraser
and a ruler 

First grab you large brush and paint your whole composition notebook black and let it dry. 

  It will take quite a few coats to get a good coverage. (Make sure you paint the back cover too.)

 Take a pencil and sketch a simple cat. Make it look as close to this as possible. (You can add more fur in the drawing, it added it in the painting process.)

Then get a really, really tiny brush that looks like this.

Then grab the white paint and brush.
 Run it over the sketch you already made. Now let it dry and erase any unwanted pencil lines them and sketch on some hipster glasses.

Then grab a little dab of gold metallic paint.

Then use the tiny brush and metallic paint to create these super awesome gold hipster glasses.
Now grab a pencil and ruler, and make a pencil line across the front like in the picture below.

Use the thick brush and fill in the rectangle that you make with the pencil line with the same metallic paint as glasses.

Let dry and add one or two more coat depending on you paint.

(Quick tip: use small brush strokes near pencil line and binding.)

This is what it looks like when done add more if you like but I really love this book and it cost me only the notebook which if you buy around back to school time you can get for SUPER cheap! 

Until later! Happy Wednesday!