Thursday, August 27, 2015

This is a post

I am someone that I like to find the small satisfactions in life. I like to make a strangers day or even second. When someone I have never met or never even had the pleasure of exchanging even a brief glance decides to go out of their way to make my day happier it's is the sweetest thing that can happen.
I hope I'm one of those people, but everyday life seem to get in the way of trying to help others. But in all reality isn't that what Christianity is about? Going out of out of our way to reach out to others to show them that there is a reason to live on with their head held high. We look at other peoples life and circumstances with such judgement and recluse but isn't that what turns people away from Christians us acting like we are the kings and queens of the world and that others are second class citizens. No wonder people don't want to listen us!
We are human too and acting as if we are the superior is going to do nothing but form hatred and pain towards us. I can go for hours ranting about Christians putting themselves on the highest pedestal.
I can not stress this enough we are not better than them we are just cleansed with God, we have the hope of external life with God forever! How to we share this beautiful message if we are tossing it down to them from our gold pedestal? We can't. That's like trying to help a person with a broken foot out of a ditch without touching them. It's not happening. Thanks for listening to my little rant. If you want to read some more posts like this one comment down below telling me so I have many topics I can rant about!