Saturday, August 9, 2014

Origami Fish

Here is this cute little tutorial about this epic little Origami Fish, enjoy!


First get a 6x6 piece of Origami paper, ( you can use what ever kind of thin paper you like as long as it is a perfect square.)

Flip paper so that the white shows up, if you are using regular printing paper you don't have to flip.

Turn paper till it looks like a diamond, take the bottom corner to meet the top one and fold, keep folded.

Next fold the half triangle in half  from left corner to right corner then unfold.

Take the bottom of the little paper triangle and fold up to create a flat paper hat/paper boat looking thingie.

Unfold then fold this little bottom flap thingy in half then fold one more time. Making the brim on this flat paper hat slender.  (Sorry for the blurry picture but you get the idea...)

Turn upside down. (in picture it is side ways but it works better upside down  

Then fold so the the bottom brim thingie facing inside will be aligned with the crease in the center of the
triangle, like this. (Random picture alert...) 

Flip the fish in progress. Do the same on this side 

This is the result.

Take the lower back fin thingy and pull it in front of the top fin thingy. This will lock the fins.

 See the slender little fold that you can lift slightly? Fold the tip of your triangle to the corner of the slot.

Then insert the corner of triangle pointed at the slot, into the corner of the slot.

Turn your fish the right side up and cut its mouth and draw on eyes. 

All done! 


Until later.