Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Today is Wreck it Wednesday yet again! And I have four new ones for you to look upon! I have had tons of fun with this Journal and I lock all the activities that come with it! It is so thick now I  wish you guys could hold it in your hands! The textures of the book I just LOVE. And it smells pretty pleasant too if I might add! :D

                                                     This one was fun, even if I failed horribly...

      This one you drip something, like paint, onto the page and close it I then opened it and let it dry this way.

            I don't really have grocery list so I put store receipts. One of them is the receipt for the journal.

This one you make prints with veggies that you cut to look awesome so I used this awesome bright purple finger paint and printed with banana peppers and carrots. That was fun as

Today's verse is Psalms 139, 

Until tomorrow!