Thursday, April 16, 2015

Making Lipstick With Crayons

Hey guys, I don't know about you but I have seen this tutorial ALL OVER the Internet about making crayons, a little oil, and maybe Vaseline into lipsticks and tinted lip balms. It is a super fun idea and I really wanted to try it out myself.

For those of you that are wondering, aren't they dangerous to put on your lips? Actually they are a lot less toxic than some Cosmetic brands. Crayola uses food grade Paraffin wax and nontoxic pigments seeing that most lipsticks and balms can have hidden chemicals, I wouldn't say that's too bad!.
Also if you think about it crayons are made so children can chow down on them and not be hurt by them. Though I don't think that other brands would be too bad, as a best bet, I'd grab Crayola it's a brand that I can trust a lil more.

So I went out and bought me a 64 set of beautiful sharpened Crayola crayons. Did I mention that they where beautiful. I mean look at them!

Since there are so many tutorials of how to do this I will just take a few pictures and give you my tips and tricks to make it a easier experiance and I'll link you guys to my favorite video on this subject. Let's get this crayON! (I have a problem), lets get this started!)

First I selected my crayons, I grabbed three old ones and one new. I got a violet red and a blue and just plain red out of my old collection and this pretty dark pink out of the new box, I thought it would be such a gourgous lip color I couldn't resist! I think it's called Tickle Me Pink. 

Next you need to take off the paper, you can just peel at them off with your trusty fingers,
but I used a utility knife to cut them, I hate the feeling of wax under my finger nails!

Next find some containers for this said lipstick, I'm using a old mint tin and this empty Chapstick container, you can also use lipstick tubes, but they can be harder to wash out seeing it's a thinner tube and the product is thick and the color gets EVERYWHERE. The thing about using the tubes it that you have to get out all the oily residue from the past product. But it wasn't too terribley hard I just used Q-tips and some soap and warm water. I used the same utility knife to take off the labels on the chapstick tube. You can also order empty containers like this online.

I chose to put these two colors in the mint tin, and I'm gonna add some Pure Pepperment Extract.

I decided that I'd pair these up together.

Break them in small peices, (the one on the left is too big it took a little bit for it to melt down) then put in in a heat resistant bowl. It's best if you use something you wouldn't mind ending up dumping. So maybe make a run to the Dollar Store.

Follow instructions accordingly when it comes to temp, but otherwhys stick you bowl in you hot water it will begin to heat up it is not a super quick or slow process. So just stick with it.

I didn't take a pic of this but measure up your oils and extracts into a small bowl to mix together decently before combining with crayon.

When everything is well melted, use a heat pad to protect your hands while pouring into container, when using tubes pour SLOWLY it doesn't solidfy too terribly quickly. When you've filled your container of choice, wipe out you waxy bowl, then put the lipstick into the fridge for around 20 to 30 minutes to set. 

It will look something like this when it comes out, I scrolled it out a little and cut of the first bit so it's easier to apply.

 (I wanted to make a crazy color, I mean I have a whole box of CRAYons to work with why not use purple??)

The purple doesn't wear well seeing this recipe is more sheer, but I totally love the Tickle Me Pink one.

(This was the most helpful tutorial.)

Until Later!!