Monday, September 28, 2015

For Narnia!!! (Day Two)

I don't have much to say today, we got rained out of our Sukkah, so we stayed inside and watched the movie Narnia in our PJs.

Popcorn and Coka-Cola was present. Here's an over-edited picture of the beautiful bowl of warm salted kernels made with pure joy, happiness and sunshine. 

Note the strategically placed TV remote.
I tried to take a picture of just the coke and corn but the artist in me was like: "This is not right unless I have threes!!" And now I notice that the remote should have been pointing inwards..... oh well!

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Since it is yet again in the late hours of the evening, I shall shout into the fleeting autumn wind; Until Tomorrow! 

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  1. Narnia, popcorn and coke...perfect for the evening. Dont forget we had some wonderful guests stop by too! I'm thankful for the rain, but will be glad to enjoy at least one evening in the Sukkah!