Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wreck It Wednesday #2

Today is Wednesday if you haven't noticed and today I will be doing another post on my new Wreck This Journal. I have done so much that it is hard to just pick a few! Anyways!

This is the; Tear Strips Rip It Up page 
I wanted to do a page that is book related this is how I decided to do it I drew the spines of my favorite books

 The book are:
 The Clue in The Old Album (Carolyn Keene), The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Suess), Divergent (Veronica Roth), The BFG (Ronald Dahl).

This is the; Poke Holes In This Page Using A Pencil page.

  ^^ That page is the back of the coffee page
 it is not dirt, but with this book no telling!

This is the; Pour, Spill, Fling, Your Coffee HERE page 

 This is the Fill This Page With Circles page 
That took FOREVER!

I didn't know how to decorate this page so I thought of what you couldn't hold with out your hands so I did snow cones on the page.

 This is the Do a Really Ugly Drawing (Use Ugly Subject matter such as Gum, Poo, Dead Things, a Badly Drawn Bird, Mold, Barf, Crud.)  
I didn't really want to make this page nasty like in the past Wreck This Journal I did I wanted to make it a little cooler.
 So I decided to narrow it down to two things, I did Barf and Crud. I did this Gravity Falls page because of the first show, Tourist Trapped. When Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive to spend the summer break at the remote town Gravity Falls with they're Gruncle (Great Uncle) Stan. 
Mabel's new Boyfriend turns out to be a bunch of gnomes, so her brother Dipper has to come rescue her from being a gnome queen. Long story short one of the gnomes ends up barfing a rainbow. 


    I hope everyone enjoyed today's post, Until Later!