Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Adventure With Me!!!

Hey Guys it's Wednesday and I want to go on an adventure with you guys!!!! So lets go on a walk in  my back yard! YEAH! 

We are going on a walk but in my Grandpa's Farm behind my house. So let's get going!


This hill reminds me of the time that me and my big sister Ashlea were walking down to our Aunts house that is right next door it like takes a minute and a half to get to her door step if you cut through the field.
( A while back when I was seven or eight my Paw Paw was letting a man use his land to raise cattle. There was this one cow that was just completely Psycho we nicknamed her 'Crazy Cow' because that was what she was.)

Crazy Cow was at the top of the hill by the gate out of our yard. We where very wary of Crazy Cow because she would randomly just run off or get in a cow ninja fight with the other cattle. But we where half way down the hill when we heard intense hoof beats we look back and Crazy cow is running at us like a five year old to a ice cream truck. Ashlea grabbed my arm and catapulted us backwards. and I remember seeing Crazy Cows hoofs JUST miss Ashlea's ankle. That was terrifying!

This is the little creek, we didn't really play here that much but we did walk up the length of it.

Here is the big creek where we played the most.

This is where my sisters told me fairies lived. In a old stump! 

All right through here in the spring it is COVERED in Virginia Blue Bells 

(This is what they look like.)

Lets walk back home.

Up that hill where the drive way leads it up to a cell tower. we used to play in the field up there all the time but there is coyotes up there now and we don't go up there anymore.

We are back in my yard and I will show you my favorite tree in my yard. This huge maple.



I wanted to do a tutorial for today, but the craft I wanted to do I will need to pick somethings up at a craft store so it will be posted on Thursday or Friday. Depending on how fast I get it done. I'll give you a super zoomed in fuzzy picture of what I'm trying to accomplish and I want you guys to guess what it is, comment down below your guess if you feel so inclined.  

To be honest I am slightly frightened how such a cute thing and look so terrifying when blurred out.

Love you guys, Until later!!!