Thursday, November 20, 2014

Expectation vs. Reality

Hey guys I am sorry for the sloppy posts this week.

I been busy, Sunday was church and do nothing day. Tuesday I went out out with my mom, sisters, and my tiny nephew. Wednesday,  I made the Gunter which took like eight hours and I still manged to get black paint all between his eyes! Good grief! Yesterday I went to Opry Mills Mall with Mom and a friend of mine and today I'm going out for my birthday with some friends from church! You get my drift!

My posts will hopefully go back to it original random awesomeness that we all know and love! Lets do this thing!

We all have expectations often they are completely different that reality.

And marketing! Don't get me started!

Marketing again! Not. The. Same.

                         I THINK I can make a straight line with a pencil but... nope!

                                    You know that's true!

                            I actually tried this one turns out you just eat them out of the bag forget that stuff!

I had the expectation to make things all deep and awesome here but reality I got nothing, so I hope you will have a great weekend! (In reality it took me a hour and ten minutes to make this.)

Until later!!