Monday, August 4, 2014

First post

Hello there! 

This will be my first post, and to be truly honest, I will say that I have no earthly idea what to write... 

 Today is my first day of school for this year, I have mixed feelings about this year of school work. I wish I could say that 'I am so pumped for this new school year, it will be such a relaxing, happy, experience! Math will be like eating candy gumdrops and farting rainbows while flying through space with Nyan Cat! I won't be becoming slowly into Grumpy Cat and making angry faces at my Math books!' 

 Don't get me wrong, it feels great getting back into the groove of things, but I feel caged when I think of all that work ahead of me. It makes me want to scream angrily at things thinking about it.

 I think that my Mom likes it better in the school year, I think that I irritated her in the slightest when I sit around eating goldfish and pizza watching Dr. Who, Regular Show, and YouTube all day. I am much more productive in the winter, it is easier to clean, cook, write papers, and do school work, when you don't feel like you are in a freakin' inferno! 

I am slightly proud of myself, this July and August I have been waking up at seven and walking back and forth on my aunts long driveway every morning. The reason that I am walking on someones drive every morning, is that I am volunteering (yes I am volunteering as tribute) at a local Horse Ranch near where I live. I have always loved me some fuzzy friends and ever since I was seven or so I always wanted to go volunteer for some organization. I really didn't care what organization, I wanted to help animals. (fuzzy or not!) So  I decided this Summer, that I would volunteer. Not at the Ranch, but at a Petsmart. Every month I would go in and play with the cats, displaying them so that they could get families. But Mom suggested that I take a job that needed me a little more, this Horse ranch gives therapeutic horse lessons to disabled people. 

I was talking with the owner a few weeks ago and she said that I would be put with the smaller kids, seeing that I am a bit young myself, she also said that I could learn to groom! I am super duper excited for this September when I will be starting orientation!  I just need to walk even more now seeing that I will be walking an hour and I have been only walking thirty minutes... Mom tried to convince me to walk alone, but walking alone stinks! No one to talk to, and you just feel like a idiot exercising, jogging, and running by your self. The only thing that I'm really worried about with walking is my aunt gets cold super easy so stepping out and walking may not be and option for her, and as you read above I can't walk alone!

I over think things too much and know I am over thinking about the fact that over think things and me over thinking things makes me over react about me over thinking and this is a horrid game of ring round the over thinking!

I need to leave the Internet.

Until tomorrow.