Friday, December 5, 2014

Hi guys I  don't have a plan for today so I just decided to just talk to you guys it's been a while. Today I counted my money and I had enough to buy a new kindle.

Last winter I tripped in my room and hit the screen on my heater. It internally shattered my screen.  These irritating tender screened gadgets!

It totally stinks, but hey!

  So I ordered a new one from Walmart  so it can get delivered to my house.  Usually I send it to a store near me because the shipping is free but Walmart is doing a Cyber Week special where everything over $50 has free shipping so I was like, why not?????? I also didn't have to pay tax and it was two bucks off so triple score!!! I think I might take pictures of the opening process. For you guys and anyone interested in the product. It should be coming in about 10 days.

I hope every thing has been good with you guys it has been so rainy today! Finally the sun poked out of the clouds! The warmth of the sun makes everyday a happier day! I hope y'all have a awesome weekend!                                                        

Until later!