Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy thanksgiving!

Hey guys I hope you have had a great Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed being with family and eating  WAY too much food. It is crazy to think of how much changes in a year and Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when you realize that. Just a few Thanksgivings ago my sister was bringing he high school boyfriend to Thanksgiving and now they are married and have the first baby in our family for the past 13 years.
 Sometimes I just wonder what will be happening next year who else will end up at Christmas and Thanksgiving. I kind of have an answer for that. But at the same time I don't. If you don't know my sister is engaged to a US. Marine. She is going to be married off in April and moving to where he is based AKA not in this state. If is hard seeing my partner in crime leave me all alone by myself with Mom and Dad :(  I will be totally boring without someone to annoy! UGH!

 But I still have my cats... LOL anyways I hope you will have a great weekend full of random awesomeness! Until later!