Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm Back!

I just came back yesterday (Sunday) evening from that Camp that I posted about on Friday. It was all about Romans 6:18 "Being then made free from sin, we became the slaves of righteousness."  We got those drawstring backpacks and tie dye tee shirts with the words on the front, Repeat After Me: I Am Free, and on the back, Repeat After Me: I Am A Slave. 
The weekend we studied most all about getting rid of bondage. Also that we are free to do anything because by Jesus dying on the cross, he breaks our chains to the burden of sin.
 But that we need to make the choice to go with Jesus, to follow close to Jesus. God could bind us behind Jesus, to be bound to follow him with no choice. But he gave us that right to choose to follow him freely.

 I feel that it is very powerful to walk behind God with the faith that he will always help you along be the one that gives you the hiking boots to scale it and the belief that you can overcome it just as you will have faith that God will stay by you. There will still be a war, but God can be your shield and your victory.

 This weekend the song that I felt that inspired the meaning of that message was Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture. It is such a powerful song and I would totally recommend you to listen to this!

 Something that I want to add is that today, I got onto the computer to type this up and I plugged in my earphones and pulled up Pandora Internet Radio in a new tab but the song that came up on the Jesus Culture Radio was Break Every Chain.

Until Next Time!