Monday, February 9, 2015

Mocha Madness

It's been a really long time since I showed you one of my old stories, this one was actually made to go on to my sisters blog in like 2010. It is called Mocha Madness, It is inspired by the evil looking teddy bear, Mocha, that my sister got for Valentines Day that year. The cast is completely made up of our stuff animals and barbies.
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Pinki Sara sat on the bed of Autumn who was reading a slim yellow and blue book. Pinki’s little sister Minnie was on her lap and both of them were forced to stare blankly at the wall till Autumn left or went to sleep. Autumn’s bookmark fell off the side off the bed and Autumn bent over the side of the bed to get it. Minnie twitched uncomfortably as Autumn came back up and  nestled back into her spot and continued to read. Pinki caught one of Autumn’s barbies giving her a wink, a wave, and a thumbs up.
“What, is Alayna doing!” Pinki thought, “Oh! The code, But, what did Alayna say?”
Pinki thought though the code hurriedly.  “A wink, means... help, a wave means... Tonight  But...  thumbs up?”  Autumn stuck her bookmark back into the book and left the room closing the door behind her. Pinki and Minnie stood for a few moments and stretched. Alayna jumped from the dresser and onto bed and went up to Pinki and Minnie,
“Oh, Pinki! I need your help!” Alayna rushed, “I know that you're great detective, and I would like to hire you, I will tell you all about it tonight. Will you do it?”
“I’ll decide after I hear about your case,” Pinki replied.  
“Thank you,” Alayna said gratefully.
Alayna climbed back up on the dresser and sat down, rubbing the side of her white cowgirl boots looking nervous. Night soon came and Autumn pulled on some sweatpants and dived in bed. She  bent down to grab something, a book. A silent “Ugh!” went  through the room, they all knew that when Autumn picked up a book before she went to bed she would be reading late. But luckily Autumn set the book aside at 9:52 and flicked off the light. Pinki watched her closely and she fell asleep at precisely 10:15. The stuffed animals and the dolls left their places and walked around the house.
Alayna met them on the living room couch, but she was with someone else, a headless barbie!  Alayna smiled at Pinki who sat by them.  
“Hello Pinki,” Alayna said her broken hand on the headless barbies shoulder.
“Alayna,” Pinki replied cheerfully, “tell me about the case you told me you had.”
Alayna sniffled, produced a kleenex and blew her nose on it.
“Y-you see my friend here,” Alayna said in a weepy voice, “she was g-going to see S-snowball in Amber’s room a-and...” Alayna muffled a teary wail with her tissue and blew her nose again. The headless barbie started to look impatient and waved her hand inviting Alayna to go on.
“A-and, Snowball w-was moved the t-top of the b-b-bookcase,  she c-c-climbed all the w-way to the t-top and...”  Alayna continued then bust out in a loud sob.
“Go on,” Pinki said irritated by Alayna’s lack of important information.
“S-s-somebody p- p-pushed her off the sh-shelf and her head...” Alayna sobbed heavily in her kleenex.
“Is this true?” Pinki asked Headless Barbie.
Headless Barbie’s neck moved slightly, but Pinki  could not distinguish a nod or a  shake.
“Raise your left hand for no and raise your right for yes,” Pinki added seeing the headless barbie’s troubles.
She rose her right hand! Pinki was horrified.
“Who would do such a thing!” Pinki exclaimed.  
Alayna dried her eyes and put the tissue  back into her pocket and managed to say, “S-s-someone in Amber’s r-room had to have d-d-one it, n-no one else would have known that she was t-there the n-night that she l-l-lost her head,” before she burst out in sobs.
Pinki pondered over the case, it was interesting and it sounded dangerous, all of the cases that she had solved where missing person. Could she do it?  And if she didn’t do it then their would be a killer on the loose. And what if the stuffed animal or doll damaged more barbies or a stuffed animals,  Autumn and Amber would start to notice and the secret life  of dolls might be uncovered!
“Alayna,” Pinki said over Alayna’s wails, “I’ll take the case.”
“Oh! T-thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Alayna cried. “P-please take care when you are s-solving this case!  I’d hate to s-see you get hurt!”
“Your welcome, and I’ll try to not get hurt. But I’ll have to tread very carefully on this case anyways,” Pinki replied.
Headless Barbie was doing what looked like a happy dance.
Pinki hugged both the barbies and hurried off the couch to Amber’s door she opened the door quietly and a green dragon sat  by the door.
“And how may I help you?” It said in a dry bland voice.
“I’m here to visit Snowball, I’m a friend of his,” Pinki said confidently.    
“Really!?” the dragon said looking at me doubtfully, “What’s your name? I’m going to see if he confirms that.”
“Pinki Sara.”
The dragon flew up to the top and Pinki could hear Snowball’s light and cheerful voice and the dragons gruff one. The dragon returned and helped Pinki to the top.
“Hey Pinki! Come sit,  I haven’t heard from you for a long while.” Snowball invited,  “And it’s just like Emrys (Em-er-ris) to hold you up.”
“Hello, Snowball, I’d be delighted.  Do you remember a barbie with a ballerina  outfit coming through here,” Pinki replied getting right to the point.
“Yes, I recall that I had a bad cold due to all the dust up here, and she climbed up on my shelf and took care of me till I was better. She was very sweet, she said that she wished that she was the Nurse Barbie or the Doctor Barbie, she said that she was never a good ballerina,”  Snowball said softly.
“Really?” Pinki said, “Do you remember what she looked like or what her name was?”
“Yes, and she had short blond hair and pale skin, she had a red crayon mark on her left ear if  I can remember correctly.  I also remember that most of her clothing is painted on, she had a pink tutu, and a pink rhinestone in her leotard. Does that help any?” Snowball asked.
“Yes, it does.” Pinki replied, “Did she fall off the bookshelf at anytime?”
“Oh! She did, that was a very traumatic time for me. I saw something push her over the edge, I didn’t see what or who though. All I saw is that it was small and brown there was something red on it it might’ve been a bow, a piece of paper, or the reflection of the alarm clock,” Snowball said, “And when she hit the ground h-h-her head popped off and rolled away we tried to look for but it was lost forever.”

(Omigosh that is soooo creepy I'm sorry for inflicting you with this!)

Snowball started to sob lightly.
“Let me get you some tea,” Pinki offered.
“That would be great. Thank you,” Snowball sniffled, “There's a teapot over there and I have a few tea bags by the picture frame.”
“Okay,” Pinki said collecting the teapot and the tea bags and preparing the tea. Pinki returned to Snowball with two steaming tea cups and handed him one.
“Thank you,” Snowball said sipping, “I grew close to her. That seems silly though, I don’t even remember her name.”
“You weren’t silly,” Pinki said, “Just forgetful. It happens to everybody.”
“But for some reason, I don’t remember her ever telling me. You’d think she would, she took care of me for a week and came back regularly. I had a cold!”
“She was obviously a very good nurse,” Pinki remarked setting her tea cup on its saucer.
“Yes,” Snowball muttered.
Pinki looked over the shelf at the alarm clock. 2:08 she’d need to go soon or Minnie would get worried. But she hated to leave Snowball in this state.
“I hate to leave you, but its getting a little late. And the others will get worried.”
“Its okay,”  Snowball said drying his eyes and gulping down the last of the tea and smiling, “I’ll live!”
Pinki smiled, “Well I’ll drop by sometime soon.”
“All right. I’ll look forward to that, I don’t usually have a lot of visitors and probably even less after what happened with my little nurse.”
“You're most likely right,” Pinki agreed nodding.
“G’bye!” Pinki called dropping down the side of the bookshelf on to Amber’s jewelry box. Emrys opened the door for Pinki and thanked her for her visit.
Pinki walked over to Autumn’s door and thought over all the complicated twists and turns in the new case. Headless Barbie loved to take care of people, so she must have been a factory switch. They didn’t to give her the ballerina spirit, and gave her a nurse or a doctor one. Some nurse barbie out there wants to be a ballerina. (WHAT?????) This made Pinki giggle, she slid her door pass under the door and it was opened.
As soon as Pinki stepped into the room Alayna ran up to her and hugged her as usual she was crying you see barbies are odd dolls. They are tall, have very slender bodies and very small feet, they always wear heels (their feet will fit no other shoe) and when they are worried, scared, happy, or angry they cry. Always.
“Oh Pinki I was w-worried sick! I knew that you w-would try to get some c-clues tonight, but, Its t-two o’clock! I was very scared that the k-k-killer hurt you t-too!” Alayna sobbed, “Oh I’m s-so glad to see t-that you’re okay!”
Minnie came up behind Alayna and peeled her off Pinki and patted Alayna’s back and took her over to a considerably large book and they sat down Alayna was finally calming down when they heard Autumn groan, they looked at the clock. It was only 2:23 and Autumn was yawning. The animals and dolls rushed to  their places as Autumn swung her feet to the floor! 

OMIGOSH! I can NOT stop laughing! I just read this through again and.... Oh goodness! So many weeping dolls! The code! Since when does a wink mean 'help!' I can't even type! Until later!