Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I have been busy the Wreck This Journal, I have water colored a few pages and because of my inpatients I blow dried it with a hairdryer set on high! It has been great fun doing all the different crafts and things every day! I have painted the cover a light blue and glittered it to death! It looks super cute! I can't wait to show you this great art piece! It is awesome!!  There is so much to show you that I think I'll start typing up a draft today to make tomorrow so much easier. Plus the lighting outside is perfect for pictures, but it means that I have to repaint my nails so they don't look NASTY. There is all sorts of craft supplies on these nail there is finger, acrylic, and watercolor paints along with sharpie and marker. I get a bit messy you know, just a bit! One page that I do want to share ahead of time just to fire you up for Wreck it Wednesday. I have a  page that has a arrow on it and the words 'document  time passing' I drew all 12 Dr. Who faces and THEY. LOOK. AWESOME. I can't wait to show you this masterpiece! If you don't know what Dr.  Who is I will explain, Dr. who is a British science-fiction program produced by BBC between the dates of 1963 and present day. It is about a character called The Doctor a 'Time Lord' alien that saves universes from disaster speeding through time in a time machine called the TARDIS that is disguised as a blue telephone box The Doctor never dies but regenerates into another figure. There is 12 of the figures all of them just as crazy looking as the next feel free to look them up!

Until next time. PUSHEEN!