Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wreck it Wednesday and Exciting News!

Hey guys! Today is Wreck It Wednesday! Really and truly I am almost finished with my Wreck this Journal, but I will keep posting pages till I have shown all the pages! Enjoy!  

This is one of my favorites because I loved Monsters Inc. as a small child and I also love the new Monsters University Movie and the googly eyes are just awesome!  

   This one is a make a paper airplane page and I put it in the page that you wrap some thing in it. 
I also stuck another page that I ripped out in there. (Next picture)

This one I hit in my Aunt Eugenia's of next door neighbors flower garden. She wrote this little poem on it: 

Oh whoa is me  for I have been left in a flower garden 
Not up with the pretties but under a stone that has hardened 

I was left alone for days and I began to shudder but 
Soon I realized that it was better than being left in a gutter

One day I shall go home and join the others in the journal
 You must do nothing but look for me internal 

It thought that it was rather cute! 

This one was just too cute of an idea to pass up I drew a little Pigpen and rubbed some dirt on the page. 

This one is super cute if I can say so myself. I used a plastic fork to make the stripes and hot glued on a fork.

If you guys can remember my in my first blog post I was thinking about volunteering at a horse ranch that provides therapeutic horse lessons to mental and physically handicapped people of all ages. Well I went to orientation last night!! Me and my Mom will be volunteering for two days a week, I'll be learning grooming and how to lead the said horse. So YAY!! We will start on Tuesday next week!!

Until tomorrow!