Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My new project.

 Today, I am going to announce a new series that I am making. I have made this adorable little cardboard box house out of knickknacks I found around my house.

First I made two little Altoids Can beds with felt a little porcelain topped blue trinket box for a side table.

For I took a little doll picnic basket that has a full tea set inside and used that as a dining room table. And as a center piece I used a fake candle.

I put a tea cup in the corner and put two white buttons, one little purple plastic star a clothes pin and a tiny world atlas to have as little "found things".

I used felt to make these adorable little birds. Their names are Scarlet and Jack.

                                                                        This is Scarlet,  

                                                                   This is Jack.
They are a huge part of new series. I am going to make stories about them and take pictures to go along they are totally cute and they warm my heart I hope I can make a good story for you guys. This is a add on to Wednesdays post.

Until tomorrow

Hello there!

Today is Wednesday, I have decided that making a blog post every single day is a little stressful and kinda hard to do. I would like to propose that I only start putting out posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will give me a chance to plan for the next day before it happens.

On Monday I will have a devotional/facts to keep it educational.

Wednesday will be crafts, tutorials, little mini storys and things like that. I will not abandon Wreck It Wednesday but it will only happen on weeks I have not made a craft for that Wednesday.

Friday will be whatever we want. I wanted to make a open Friday so that maybe I could tell you guys about what happen in my week or if I wanted to write a story anything I wanted, I can do on Friday.

That is the plan! I need to change the name and maybe edit the blog a bit. I would like to start on this next week so that things will be easier. Thank you all for reading!

Until tomorrow!