Saturday, September 20, 2014


So sorry guys yesterday I wasn't able to make a post so I did one today so you didn't have to go through the weekend with out your dose of awesomeness!  We went to the Nashville Schermerhorn to listen to the symphony my eldest sister came along with Mathew my brother in law and my little baby nephew, Gabe. It was his first time. He was only just born in June so he is still a tiny little poot he stayed in the auditorium for a whole number then it legit ended with a BIG bang and he started to cry because it scared him. :(

But they just listened to it in the front lobby where they stream live footage and sound from the auditorium. We left from there then went to Centennial Park and ate some sandwiches. We got a few pictures of the family and left for Mckays Book Store. You staring to see why I didn't post yesterday? I didn't buy anything but I helped Amber find some of her favorite movies so she will have them when she moves out. *sniff sniff* We also found a Wii Cooking Mama Game for nineish bucks. And also found a book with a bunch of pics of cats in wigs. We bought both!

I got to ride a horse at Paradise Ranch Thursday. It was awesome! I rode a huge boy named Benin. He is a little taller than I am and that says something comparing to other horses not many the own are very tall for the reasons of side walking.

Until tomorrow! Have a wonderful day!