Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Have No Excuse

Yeah, somehow I haven't posted since late last month.... I have no excuse! I can't promise anything anymore!! I mean I sat down to write up something real quick like two hours ago and then I got distracted going through my Pandora stations to find a song I wanted to listen to as I wrote. I have problems and no excuse.
 Let me have a midnight ramble for a sec, I think that as general rule as humans we shouldn't make excuses. They aren't really valid 80% percent of the time and frankly most people don't really care much.
And let's be honest, if we have to have step by step explanation of  why we failed to accomplish a task, we could have avoided it somehow. I may be wrong but in my case this is usually true!
I hate that we feel like we feel like we need to scrape up reasons we fail! We are human and we fail sometimes we make mistakes, we deserve to be forgiven without great reasons. I will make the statement that trusted and forgiven are on two different tree limbs. Because you have forgiven someone that doesn't mean you have to trust them. Like you can forgive me for my absence but when I tell you I'll be posting every week, I wouldn't trust me...
Ya'll are the best, thanks for being patient with me.

(Do you like the meme I made)