Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Peanut Butter Mug Cakes

Hey guys, lately I've been thinking a lot about my siblings, my sisters to be exact. With the middle child aka Amber living in another state and the oldest child aka Ashlea having a baby turned one. It's weird seeing your siblings with, jobs, houses, kids, HUSBANDS. I have two brothers I didn't sign up for, again weird.

I was thinking about the past memories have had with the eldest of the bunch of us Ashlea. I am ashamed to say I don't remember a lot of when Ashlea was home but when she left for college, I started to actually remember what I did with her because it was always such a big deal to go hang out with Ashlea.

When Ashlea was on break she came back home and stayed a lil over a week or longer I dunno.
But while she was staying with us, she made a peanut butter mug cake, me being younger, the fact that you could make cake in a mug blew my mind, so I made her make me one they where so tiny, and delicious.
 I decided to track down this recipe, I found different recipes for mug cake, one was a four ingredient and the other a three also a five ingredient that was egg-less. (links to all here  Eggless Mug Cake The Three Ingredient The Four Ingredient The Eight Ingredient )

You may be wondering what a mug cake is, basically it's a one serving cake with minimal ingredients that you can make in a microwave inside of your favorite coffee mug. They get extensive, link --> Here Are a Few More Mug Cakes and Brownies

I'm not sure which one my big sister used, but it was one of those five links above, I'm planning on trying all of them, and finding my favorite, the Three and Four Ingredient are very meaty seeing that egg is the main part of the mixture, it didn't really seem like the one she used, but still peanuty goodness, though dense. I'll keep you guys posted on that. Feel free to mess with these recipes, they are quick and fun to make.

I took a few pictures of me making the The Three Ingredient, I wanted to take some of the Four but my camera went on the fritz, and I didn't realize that my desk top doesn't has a SD card holder so this with be a pictureless post.

(Update from later that day, the eggless is the one that my sister used, I recommend coating the lower inside of the mug with a tiny bit of oil to keep it from sticking so bad. This cake is fluffy and beautiful. I have not tried the Eight Ingredient because I was so pleased with the eggless.)

I will try to upload pictures of me making one of these beauties soon.

For those that are wondering, I have Skyped my sister, Amber and her new husband yesterday. They are doing well, being goobers? Definitely, but they are doing well.

If you want to follow Amber's adventures the link is right there it takes nothing to read it.... and she's a fun writer.......... check it.

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