Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wreck it Wednesday #1

Hey guys, I hope that you had a good weekend! Today I am going to go back into Wreck it Wednesday. This is a super fun project and every page is just GOLD STAR!

This first page I started a rainbow and colored in the words. 

continued rainbow,

 A little more rainbow, and yes that is crayon because I am three.

A rainbow and a fat unicorn.

Continue rainbow and add you own page numbers I drew a bunch of numbers and numbered the pages 

It says Crack The Spine, I did that and drew these tree branch like cracks, The other one is leave this page blank of purpuse but that is a no can do thing in my book so, I wrote Nope, sorry in the corner of the page.

Draw fat lines and thin.

Stand here wipe your feet fingers jump up and down. I had plans with the finger prints page so I just made this a finger prints page I got my finger print, my cats, my sisters and my Mom and Dad's

 This is what I did with the finger print one I drew the old mans house from the movie Up and use my fingerprints to create the balloons I love this page.

This one is so far my absolute favorite! It is the color this entire page page. I LOVE THIS PAGE SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has a bending rainbow with the word AWESOME come of the side with checkered pattern behind. It has a city with the Batman Symbol peeking out behind it. It has some curly oceany things coming out of the base of the rainbow and going into a little group of clouds with the cutest faces. Then there is another fat unicorn shooting a rainbow out its horn. If someone asks you to define me show them this picture.

Thank you guys for reading I hope that you have a great Wednesday! Until Later!