Friday, August 15, 2014

My Best Friend!

Today I am with the awesomest person ever, my bestie, Reagan! We have known each other for literally forever and our parents knew each other even before we were in our Mothers bellies. Here is a picture of this beautiful girl!!

 She has four brothers and five sisters and the coolest parents ever. I am so blessed to know, let alone spend time with this amazing daughter of Christ.

And we decided to do a post about all the freakishly AMAZING memories we had together.

To start off, I would say that my earliest memories with my BFF would be when we where around five or six. I remember playing dress up and holding the new baby at that time. Her name is Jessie.

Other memories are watching Barbie movies on Spiderman fold out couches. And awkwardly dancing to Disney music, to my embarrassment and to Reagan's great amusement, I danced with her brother Luke. *shudder*  

Not to mention the missing thumb nail from Reagan's left hand. That was an exciting day..!

We always have watched movies on they're movie projector in the downstairs of their three story house. It was always a happy memory, eating ice cream, popcorn and candy.  

And just last year by my house, we where doing a photo shoot with my photographer sister, Amber. We where walking to the other side of the creek when, Reagan started to do the splits in the cold November creek water. Reagan was screaming "I'M SLIPPING, I'M SLIPPING.... I have slipped." Amber was laughing at her and I was trying to help her up without falling in myself. And then when we succeeded in getting to dry land,  I asked the stupid question "Are your pants wet?"

We will concluded this blog with a goodbye and us really wanting to go to bed. I LOVE CAT'S!!!

I picked this one.

Me and Reagan picked this.

Reagan picked this, she is obsessed with grumpy cats!

This is one  Reagan's little sister Olivia picked with the exclamation "A CAT DID THAT!"