Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY Scratch-Art Paper

This is probably one of my favorite DIYs I've done they are super quick, easy, beautiful, and effective and didn't require a few trips to the store. So let's get into this thing. 

Grab white card stock and oil pastels or crayons. I prefer oil pastels because the blend better and they have a smoother finish.

This step is fun you just totally go crazy and make random blotches that blend together, make sure the colors are bright so the show well beside black.

Grab you some paint and dish soap, and something you can combine them on .

Mix together equal parts of both and slowly fold it together so it doesn't get too bubbly.
 Apply one quick even coat of the paint liquid stuff
It will look a bit patchy, so put on several coats till opaque one it drys use a tooth pick, thumbtack, skewer  or other pointy object and gently sketch out whatever you feel so inclined to do. HAve fun with this!

Until later!