Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wreck This Journal

I hope that Fridays Post with Reagan was enjoyable! We enjoyed making it so much! And as intro to this blog entry, I will say that I have become obsessed  with wanting to buy a Wreak This Journal. I have seen them all over the internet and they just make me excited the creativity that is inserted in every page of those books. If you don't know what a Wreck This Journal is I will explain.

Those are the four books what are in this set. One is classic black, another red mesh, one duct tape and one that is paper bag.

Basically there with be a page that has a prompt,

You could draw a picture of the Perfume or etc. That you were using and then spray or infuse the page the the awesomeness.

This is a gorgeously artistic thing you could do with this page.
Or other pages.

Most journals start looking like that. ^                                 ^Then finish looking like that.

But inside they are like masterpieces. These kind of things thrill me! 
 This is a super short post but I can't really ramble on much longer I might buy one and showcase some of the pages on here. I don't know yet I may or may not...


Alrighty, So yesterdays post was all about the Wreck This Journal collection, so guess what I did yesterday? Have you guessed? Well I BOUGHT one! Yeah I did! I never find anything that I like then just go BUY it. I think over it for months and then put it on my birthday list so someone else can buy it for me.

But I introduce you to *drum roll* the Journal! ^ I haven't came up with a name yet but I am working on it!

I love the texture to the fake tape on the front of the book, it just feels so... tapey... I have lined up a few color pencils, the colors are kinda random, but still I like them in this picture. And I put down my metallic sharpie that I used a few times.

These pictures are poorly lit so I hope you can see everything alright. I have some allergies so I snapped the pic above and went inside.

This is the first prompt and one of the easier things to do too!

I also drew a crack, that looks like a tree branch.

I cheated on this page... instead on using my feet, I used my kitties feet and me and my sisters fingerprints and instead of dirtiness I used kids fingerpaints..(this way I didn't have to Lysol it!)
My big black cat Gwaine make those purple smudges the circular thing in between the kitty prints is my sisters fingerprint and the cute little red and purple prints are my kitten, Rigbie's.
 My fingerprint is the lonely little oval under Rigby's adorable prints.

To make the cool splatters. I loaded
 the brush with Crayola finger paint and watered down the brush then smear the paint brush full of of the watery paint stuff on the paper in a puddle. Quickly blow on it HARD. It creates these cool splatter marks always blow in the direction you want it to go in. I think it would work with Watercolor paints too.

This one I did yesterday when my allergies were not so bad. Basicly you just cut out all the slips of paper, I decorated these, and make a baby paper chain. It is adorable. I taped it back into the book.

That is as far as I will go today. I will do more once I get more pages finished.

An awesome friend of mine, Ms. Patty, or her Google+ name, rose tresures wanted me to show some of my artwork so I will try to put some up on Wednesday! The Blogger site was angry because I would like to give you tons of pictures so I couldn't put them on today! (rose tresures blog is as awesome as she is so check it out here: http://rosetresuresblog.blogspot.com/2014/08/august-painting.html )

Until next time.