Thursday, August 7, 2014



and this

Are examples of how I react under stress, can I get an, amen? On my math program they have BOSS LEVELS. YOU HAVE TO ENTER THE ANSWER IN A LIMITED TIME AND YOUR FINGERS ARE TRIPPIN' OVER EACH OTHER AND IT'S STRESSFUL! 

So I'll be like,

 2+2= Mount Rushmore

 True or false do flowers have stems?  56 

I legit forget what I was thinking as soon as someone looks at me. Animation or not! I mean as soon as that animated ogre looks at my little alien avatar person, I start freaking out not to mention that the boss level ogre is like 16 feet tall. I mean do you want me to pee my pants? 

Seriously that thing freaks me the math out! Not to mention my kitties sit all over keyboard making me loose valuable brain scrambling time. m        ujyyyyyy Like that right there <-- that's Rigbie feel feeling the need to catwalk right over my keyboard. And shes coming back! hgrtyui0- That's why it takes me several hours to do my Math. Yeah. 

OOO OOO and I'll be going to a retreat thingy soon, with a church I go to on Wenesdays. So that's happening. I made another Koi pond that I put on the bottom of my blog page. Check that out... until next time...