Monday, September 7, 2015

Gatlinburg and Good Mythical Morning

I said that I'd start posting more but I lied. I'm sorry. I can't even really say that I was busy, I've just been sitting on the couch making things like this,

I need a life......... So in between THAT and watching a lot of Doctor Who and Good Mythical Morning. I need to get back used to doing school work and stuff. I should be able to post more. Sigh. I hope that I'll be able to remember to post more... 

We all know that's not happening. LOL ya'll know me way too well for that. 
I did recently go to Gatlinburg with family and I'm still unpacking because who has their life together enough to unpack right away? Not me that's who, it's been like three weeks. 

Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasures,
(We are eating at mellow mushroom)

(That awkward moment when your cousin turns into a cyclopes and half of your head lobs off)

We went to this really weird golf course in a Gatlinburg, it was all black light and neon and circus themed. It was odd.... 

I also found a awesome shop on the strip The Sock Shop. Must I say more?


We also went to a mountain coaster at like 11:00 at night. Hints the pitch blackness. 

Welp I don't really have anything else to say....