Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Of late I have become quite the Queen of procrastination, and all of us have that one thing on our list of things to do that will never be done because we hate the job. So you would rather do your list five times over than do it one time and include that dreaded chore, for we just wish we could forget about it!

Then I start procrastinating by watching motivation and how you stop procrastinating YouTube Videos, and then procrastinate by watching nail tutorials and humor videos instead of watching those antiprocrastination motivational speakers, and the next thing you know your watching a video about how to talk to platypuses and your chore is still waiting. Lets just say that that happens to me a LOT. Like just know I stopped writing this blog entry to sit in the Living Room for fifteen minutes and watched Downtown Abby cuddling my kitten ignoring the list on the dry erase board that says that I need to clean my room. And now I am procrastinating cleaning my room with this blog thing. DANG IT I FORGOT TO FEED THE DOG. *Runs like a manic out the door*

I'm back, sorry bout that...
Really I could talk forever about how I procrastinate, but the thing  I never to is actually fixing my procrastination. As a completely unproductive person, I thought that I would give you ways to stop procrastinating, maybe it will help you and me both.

  • This is actually a pretty good tip, do the hard stuff first that way when your more tired and more likely to procrastinate you will only have jobs like dusting, sweeping, or take out the trash.

  • The second one is to time yourself. Say you time yourself to work for twenty minutes and rest for ten then work for twenty minutes and rest for ten this will keep you much more energized, and you also can have something to look forward to. This often helps, because you can still lay around a bit but also be productive.

  • Remove distractions and  input self control this is hard for me to do some times, but it can help if you follow  thorough with it.

  • Don't be a perfectionist with your work get your basic work done then rest a while and swipe back with new energy. This will help with giving up on simple jobs.

  • Get someone to keep you accountable, my Mom does this quite a bit it can be annoying sometimes, but it really keeps me from forgetting jobs. 

  • Get a deadline! Just simply get a deadline. Deadlines make me feel more obligated to be productive. 

  • Break up the task into smaller easier accomplished pieces so you can get the job done over time.

  • Don't weigh down your to do list it can be overwhelming to look at a jam packed to do list. 

  • Also, GET OFF THE INTERNET. (Unless you are procrastinating something online.) Turn off you router, turn airplane mode on your phone and or computer and any other device that you have near you at all times. If I get a notification on my phone that some one followed me or someone liked my pin or picture I want to do a background check on this person, that simple as it may lures me onto social media. Don't let your self get sucked in! 

  Until tomorrow look at the adorable meme!