Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stuffs And Things You Might Want To Know

Hey guys I haven't posted anything in a while, it have been hard for me to write posts because all three of my family members that live in my house would be wanting to use the computer at the same time. Let's just say that 90% of the time two people needed to use the computer. Also our desktop lives in my parents room so it's hard to find a time that they aren't coming in and out asking me questions. So I finally got to where I have my own laptop (SQUEEEEE) and if I can stop procrastinating then I can start posting more. Not every day mind you, but at least weekly. Also it's easier for me to post in the winter. I'm more open to going places and I can just think better all curled up in a snugly blanket.
Also I'd love to take you guys along with me on trips, but I hate when I go with people somewhere and the whole time their taking pictures nonstop. I feel like that is the flaw in this generation, living life through the viewfinder.
So even when I take a few pictures, I feel really rude. So to some degree I need to get over myself and take more pictures, because in reality if you just snap a few and put it away, no one really cares. But I tend to be way too self conscious and paranoid about the littlest of situations.

If I am buying something, I research, research, RESEARCH. I never buy any devices without figuring out which one is the best cheap one I could buy, what has everything I'd need what are the best brands for what I want, things like that.  Well computers don't come cheap this one was three hundred-nineteen bucks pretty cheap for a nice-ish laptop, but I it was way over my head because, where does a thirteen year old go to find three hundred dollars? Family told me to save it up which would would have taken me several years seeing that I might have fifty bucks altogether right now. I'm a poor, poor person that never buys anything. Like ANYTHING, except felt and googly eyes. Ever.
So if you don't get a present on a holiday it isn't because you aren't a awesome person I just couldn't find a pattern for a Whalemingo on Pinterest. (If your wondering, what the heck are you talking about, and what a Whalemingo is. In an episode of Phineas and Ferb, a awesome children's show I have no business watching. Buford, the neighborhood bully, has a encounter with a alien Whalemingo named Tristan. It's possibly the weirdest music video I've ever seen but I love it LOL)

ANYWAY. I was never going to get enough pocket change to buy this said computer and asking my parents for the money has always been completely out of the question for me and my siblings just as personal rules. If we have it usually we've earned it to some extent. 
Well, my grandmother caught through the grapevine, (the way we usually communicate in my family) that I was saving up for a computer. Occasionally she feels so inclined to help us out with this kind of stuff. So she paid the buff of the expense for the laptop and I think I payed twenty bucks. So shout out to grandparents everywhere, they can be crazy but they are also the sweetest people in the world. We need to spend every second with them wisely or you will regret it in the future. Also I think we really underrate the people that are older than us. Because sure you are a expert with technology, but if you got lost in the woods, you'd be dead. But your grandmother over here knows how to skin a squirrel. Who's winning now? Well.... not the squirrel. Oh and you're not a winner either, so who's winning? Oh, granny? Yes. Yes. Granny is winning.
 Just putting that out there to chew on. 

Anyways now that I've thoroughly promoted grandparents everywhere I will now say, 
Until Later My Awesome Tots

The cats shall continue :))))