Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yesterday, I was looking through my old tinker bell jewelry and found this adorable bracelet that my Aunt gave me when I was like seven. This bracelet is so tiny that it won't even reach around half of my wrist!

It is silver charm bracelet with pink flowers sliver fairies with lavender wings and a purple flower and little plastic raindrop gems.

My hand for scale.

It made me think of all the memories of me at the age of seven supporting the LEGIT FACT that fairies where REAL. My big sister, Amber, wrote me letters incognito and said that they from a fairy named Zina and hid them under a stone duck, in flower pots, or in trees.

I became obsessed and had Tinkerbell everything that had her face on it. Because that was the year that the First Tinkerbell Movie came out and Tinkerbell merchandise was the rage. I had jewelry boxes, perfumes, jewelry, nail polish, rings, bedspreads, pillow cases, toothbrushes, folders, coloring books, *inhale* art sets, I Can Read books, glass dolls, action figures, purses, all the movies, all the crayons with Tinkerbell on the wrapper, AND a membership to the official Tinkerbell website. At that time I also liked The Rainbow Magic series, it is still going there are all these random talent fairies and these girls that looked just like me and my best friend, there names are Kirsty, (the one that looks like me) and Rachel ( the on that looks like Reagan)


Top is me as a little dwarf child and the bottom is my on birthday last year.

Oh the memories!

Until tomorrow!

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