Saturday, June 27, 2015

Art Camp 2015

This is my sketch book cover for the year.

 The first project was circles into animals, I'm sure I was cutting some of the rules for the animals but I have a alien, a bunny questioning my choice of pink for his nose, a angry evil cat, a extremely fat mouse, and contemplative pig and a messed up hippo


 This is a drawing of my cat Rigby, please compare the cuteness.

Because I am me, I forgot my camera on camera day so I drew this lil camera...

This is a group picture of a device, meaning you draw the just of what  Ms. Christie aka our art teacher tells you such as the shape of your device then pass it, add a strap, pass add a view finder.
I ended up with a cameraish thingy. 

Then we have this group drawing of a pet, I ended up with a monkey, pig, human, lion.

For Flower Power day we learned how to draw flowers so we have one with shading (the black pen), color (the pinkish one), and lines (the boring one).

Then I did this doodle for the Flower Power over all drawing.

More doodles.

This violin for Still Life day.

I remembered that I did a violin drawing last year too so I unearthed it and.... wow I mean wow that was just last year!

This one is where we listened to different musics and did watercolor squiggles with how it made us feel with color and pencil stuffs and things.




Beach scene, because I can't do a mainstream scene. 

That's what I did thanks for reading!
Until Later!