Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wreck it Wednesday!!

Today is yet again Wreck it Wednesday and I will display some pages of my Wreck This Journal like I do every Wednesday!

To be honest I'm not a 100% sure that I have already showed this here on a past Wreck It Wednesday but I post it anyway, this one is made up of random receipts glued in a sloppy order with a glue stick.

 This is covered in some of the stamps from my oh so geeky stamp collection. Some of them are from crazy places one is Viet Nam, Bulgaria, China, Romania, Tanzania, and some from the United Kingdom and the United States.

 The Instructions said that, "Instructions are open to interpretations. Experiment." So I took what they said out of context and wrote carelessly 10 times.

Don't worry those with issues with germs I didn't use my saliva I used a bowl of water that I rubbed onto the rainbow washable markers. Same differents... :)

I hope that you guys enjoyed this Wreck It Wednesday! It was tons fun and I have loved having this look the out side looks totally different! Here's a picture,

Until tomorrow!!

(Sorry it took so long for me to post.)