Wednesday, August 6, 2014


In the month of June shortly before the birth of my little nephew. A kitten showed up on our front porch, (that we would would later name Rigbie) me and my sister kept an eye on it. It was an oddly chilled day and the kitten was not more than a month or so old.
  We tried to feed it our cats adult food, but she never touched it. We tried to touch her, but she hid behind a potted plant hissed and ignored out efforts to win her over. The next day, we found her, not on the front porch but on the back porch! Our cat, Sir Gwaine, stayed near the kitten as if he was being protective.

We where out on the porch that whole day. I am proud to say that I started the chain of trust with Rigbie, I sat outside on the floor. She crept out behind the shelf that we keep gardening supplies in. She crawl into my lap and collapsed as if she had never sat before. She fell asleep, I picked her up and cradled her, she was the sweetest thing!

 It has been 65 days today from when we found this sweet little kitten.
She is strong, healthy, and bouncing around my ankles at this moment attacking my toes. I find it awesome how God gives you the littlest blessings in life. I just feel pleased that I we took this sweet little mess in, having new pets, people and perspectives around your house always brings up the mood and can make you so much happier.

I find that this is similar to our walk with Jesus Christ, we are right outside of Gods door, just like Rigbie was out side of mine. He reaches out to us he tries to give us his hand, his companionship. But we reject God, we practically hiss at God. But when our life is shifted we don't know how to go forward and we are not capable of going back. We have some to a crossroad, one road is of God and one of Sin. We could choose to hide from God forever hide from him and struggle trying to convenience yourself you can do it alone, or curl up in his lap and take that hand. That step forward to a stronger, happier life, where we can mature and grow forward with God.

Until tomorrow, here are some pics of Rigbie, SHE IS SO FLUFFY I'M GOING TO DIE!

(When we found her)


I just wanted to share this sweet little ball of sunbeam!