Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hey guys today I have nothing for this blog today! So I will just babble!

 I got my hair cut yesterday, it has like bangs and a million layers. It's just long enough to go over my collar bone. I love it so much  it has been for ever since I cut my hair with bangs and I don't know if I've ever really had a hairstyle like this. Most hair cuts I get were just trims and getting layers but this is AWESOME!

I'm going to Paradise again today.

I had like a ear ache last night at like 11:30 PM because I have time for that!

My cats are doing good!

It's super rainy at my house there is thunder and lightning and all that stuff, but the lightning seems to be more heat generated then anything.

I have like nothing left to say but i feel that if I stop typing now it would be a too small blog post.

 My Mom bought me and my big sister two Nancy Drew games she some how managed to get them for 2 dollars at some store in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We haven't played one yet but we are planning to change that today!

Until tomorrow!!