Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Baby Nephew!!!

Last month on the 3rd of June, my eldest sister, Ashlea, gave birth to a precious healthy little boy named Gabriel Allen! He is the first baby in our family for about about thirteen years and everyone has become quite the baby hogs! Everyone has been stealing kisses from his his little cheeks and tickling his little slightly plump belly and teeny tiny little feet trying to pry from him one of his precious little smiles!

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This little guys has been such a blessing to my whole family I can't imagine a family gathering with out this little squirt anymore. Even though he his still a little baby, he is growing fast and changing everyday!

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I love this picture, it captures that babys throw fits! No one ever captures these moments of despair as a baby. I think I do that excact thing when I'm excasperated!

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Gabe always sticks out his tougue like that!

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I though I need to share this adorbs baby in a Starwars tie from my Dad's collection.

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Look at that! OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Longs story short, I love this little stinker, he is the sweetest and is going to be spoiled rotten!  I wouldn't trade him for a thousand purring kittens, not in a thousand years!

Until tomorrow!

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