Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Madness!

Hey, guys! It has been a decently busy week and I wanted just to give you guys a summary of this week.

On Monday or Tuesday, (not sure) I went to the eye doctor and got a new pair of glasses, at this point I need to update the photo on here!

Then on Wednesday I just hung around the house and did school work.

 Thursday I went to Paradise Ranch for the last time this year. *Sniff* And went to my grandmothers house for dinner where I saw my Aunt and Uncle.

Today (Friday) I'm going to my Best Friends house it has been a few months since I have hung out with hung out and I will be spending the night over there! So today I'm going to have to pack for that and all that good stuff. I have been playing with craft supplies and things lately which while we are on subject I would like to thank Ms. Patty  soooooo much for the supplies they are very nice and I have had fun playing around with the endless book and the little layered ornament. I have made a two little cards. Both I am pretty proud of I think they're just too cute!!

This one I actually found the little banner, envelope and card with polka dot paper, and the little fox in a Ziplock baggy I was intrigued by the banner and fox to make this cute little card the only thing I really added was the orange back ground and the pearl halves.  

This is a tiny little card that I put some super cute striped black, orange, and purple paper on some paper and added little stickers with a pumpkin and two spiders and one with the word Bewitched.

Thank you guys for reading! Until Monday! 

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