Friday, January 23, 2015

Hey guys!

Hey guys, I have nothing for today, but I just wanted to tell you guys that i did buy a Wreck This Journal to do with you guys. BUT it is not the Wreck This Journal Everywhere, t is the Original. I found it on sell, Wreck this Journal original that was cheaper than the WTJ Everywhere by four bucks and I had to buy it instead because my wallet would be thoroughly deprived of money. Plus it was a better deal all together. Because the WTJ Everywhere has a hundred less pages and I was paying MORE. I couldn't handle doing that so, we are redoing the Original WTJ I am planning to do more pictures of the all together project. So you guys can running around throwing pages down hills and out of trees and possibly floating it in the creek... I hope you guys have a great Weekend.  Until later!

By the way you guys I am planing to give my readers a name, I'm thinking something like, Skittles or Purritos something goofy like that... Until Monday!      

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