Friday, February 6, 2015

Things everyone can learn from their household pets

  •  Celebrate the little things. When you get home your dog is so happy to see you there will be leaping and slobber and all that great doggy stuff. Your cat, maybe not, but they will celebrate food. Life is hard so celebrating the little things can make a day happy.

  • That just being with someone is better than anyone's words. When hard things happen just being by someones side can be better than any words ever known to man.

  • Brain size doesn't define. Sure my cat has a smaller brain than mine and yours, but actually the surface folding and brain structure is far more important than the size of the brain. Cat's actually have similar Cerebral Cortex to humans. The Cerebral Cortex is the part of the brain that processes memory and learning, meaning they still remember when they where just a few months old.  Interesting right. Will you have more respect for your cat now? Maybe.
  • You can get along with that person the annoys the jellybeans out of you, there are many pets that will never get along just because of where they lay on the food chain. I'm gonna be honest. But there are others that could get along if you so wanted to.

One of nature's fiercest cats isn't supposed to fall for a good-natured Golden Retriever. Polar bears aren't supposed to play with Eskimo dogs.
But sometimes, friendships are forged under the most unusual circumstances.
On Friday, Jan. 14 at 5 p.m., the National Geographic Channel will air its latest version of its "Unlikely Animal Friends" special, but if you want a look at some of the friendships they feature (as well as a look back at some of the pairs included in the channel's first animal odd couples show), check out the below.

Leopard Cub and Dog Forge Friendship

She is a baby leopard, he is a Golden Retriever. You might think that the cat and the dog would be at each other's throats but, instead, they're inseparable friends.
They met at Glen Afric, a reserve in South Africa, when Jenny and John Booker, professional animal wranglers, adopted the tiny leopard cub, named Salati.
In the National Geographic special, the Bookers said that the two animals fell for each other the instant they met.
Their then 2-year-old dog Tommy licked Salati and treated her like a sister within hours of meeting her. The pair walk together several times a week and play together like fast friends.
But as they grow older and Salati becomes more powerful, their owners worry that the animals' instincts will overpower their bond.
"My worry now is, Would she go for Tommy? It's a big question," said Jenny Booker. "As big of friends as they are, I still believe that animals are 80 percent instinct.
But her husband said that though nature may pull them apart, their bond will last.
"I don't believe that she'll ever lose that bond with Tommy," John Booker said.

Sorry for the super quick post. I have a lot to do today. Until later!

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  1. Love your post for today!!! Some animals make great friends for sure. hugs, patty