Friday, August 22, 2014

Today I maybe more stressed than I probably should! For this whole weekend I will be going to a Christian Retreat/camp experience. This year I am going to be going with a friend with her church that I have been going to on Wednesdays.  I am stressed because I haven't packed so I am going as fast as I can doing schoolwork! My camp packing list is like nine inches long and my handwriting isn't huge. Not packing like this is soooooo unlike me. Usually I would have packed the week ahead, but the weekend has crept up on me so fast that I could never expect it. So I am like typing as fast as I possibly can but I keep on spelling things wrong! I always feel stressed the day before camp or the day of. My mind is racing of what I would I could FORGET AND WHAT I COULD LEAVE AT THE CAMP AND IF I WILL HAVE ENOUGH CLOTHES AND OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm going to miss my kitties! My Mom and Dad are both helping as part of camp but my big sister will be here the weekend alone. And I feel that Amber will leave the poor girl here alone little kittens dying of heart attack of being left alone! OH GOSH!


Until next time!

You don't mind the absence of a kitten right? Thanks

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  1. This will be an awesome weekend for all of you!!! I pray for God's blessings on y'all and don't stress over it. Just breathe deep and ask God to take the stress from you. I do understand it though. Just be your amazing self this weekend and give God all the praise for what He is doing for everyone through this retreat! WooHoo!!!!! (me praising God on y'alls behalf) Hugs and much love to, Patty